Rosenbluth Penetrates Mexican Business Travel Market

Rosenbluth International, a leading business-to-business travel management companies, today announced that it will enter into a joint venture agreement with VillaTours S.A. de C.V., a premier corporate travel agency headquartered in Mexico.
The new jointly managed business will be named VillaTours-Rosenbluth, and will become one of the three highest grossing travel management companies in Mexico.

This new agreement extends Rosenbluth`s
international network of local travel service providers, and continues to demonstrate the company`s commitment to creating sustainable relationships with “best in class” travel partners worldwide. Rosenbluth International`s penetration of the $9.6 billion Mexican business travel market allows its clients to seamlessly plan for, execute and reconcile travel across all of Mexico.

“Rosenbluth International, as the only truly global travel management company operating today, is always looking to partner with like-minded companies that provide the best travel related services in their markets, which is why we chose to partner with VillaTours,” said Pieter Rieder, Vice President of Strategic Markets for Rosenbluth International.  “We have many clients that do a lot of business within the Mexican market, and by working with VillaTours we will now be able to provide a level of local knowledge and experience that truly differentiates us from our competitors.”

With forecast annual sales in excess of US$60 million, VillaTours-Rosenbluth will offer a full range of travel services in Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara. VillaTours
has been in existence since 1980 and services some of the leading corporations in Mexico, including Vitro Group, Cemex, Xignux and Copamex. Like Rosenbluth, VillaTours
is a family-owned and operated company, specializing in meeting the needs of the corporate traveler.

“As one of the leading travel agencies in Mexico, our goal is to be able to provide world class service that extends beyond the Mexican border.  Rosenbluth International is a recognized leader in travel technology. Through this partnership, we are now able to provide a level of service and leadership in the travel industry never before seen in our country,” said Antonio Cantu, Director General, VillaTours.


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