e-Travel Releases Latest Version of Online Corporate Travel Solution

e-Travel, a global provider of online
travel technology and e-commerce business unit of Amadeus, have announced
the launch of the latest version of it`s online self-booking travel solution
for corporations and travel agencies. 
Available immediately, e-Travel
Aergo (Global) V4.0 brings enhanced end-user and travel management features
enabling users to streamline processes and reduce costs via a secure and
reliable platform.

Previously called Amadeus Corporate Traveller, e-Travel Aergo Global is the
world`s most widely used online solution for global managed travel.
Currently used in more than 20 countries, it enables employees to plan and
book complete travel itineraries - all within corporate travel guidelines -
within an ISO 9001 quality assured secure online environment.

Designed to simplify travel management, the latest features include:

* Enhanced Fare&Compare Air Shopper - puts all the traveller`s air
travel and fare options in an easy-to-use single screen.  Combining
corporate rules with negotiated and discounted fares from the Amadeus System
- as well as private and negotiated fares distributed by ATPCO (Airline
Tariff Publishing Company) - Fare&Compare Air Shopper displays flight
options by the best available fare, thereby supporting a company`s drive for
reduced travel costs and better travel value.


* ProfileLink - automatically synchronises traveller profiles between
the GDS (Global Distribution System), the travel agency and company business
systems, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processing.  Because
profile data is shared seamlessly between all these systems, travellers need
only input their preferences, loyalty programmes and special requirements

Ian Wheeler
, e-Travel Managing Director said: “Adoption of online travel
management continues to accelerate globally, and with e-Travel Aergo
(Global) V4.0, we strengthen our position as the leading global provider of
travel technology.  The new capabilities introduced with V4.0, particularly
the new profile data management capabilities, combined with a highly secure
and reliable hosting operation, enable our agency and corporate customers to
experience increased levels of success and return on investment.”

Fully customisable and with 24/7 worldwide support, e-Travel Aergo Global is
available in 20 different languages, with the option to build in local
provider services. 
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