Rally Caparas Joins Travelocity as New `Eye on the Sky`

Travelocity, the most popular travel site on the Web, is pleased to announce Rally Caparas as the company`s new expert air traffic spokesperson.

(Caption: Mike Stacy
, senior vice president of marketing for Travelocity)

In his new role, Caparas will appear in print and broadcast media on behalf of Travelocity
, including four daily reports on CNN Headline News and CNN Radio.

Caparas is regarded as one of the country`s leading sources for expert analysis and news content regarding aviation-related events and up-to-the- minute travel advice.

A 13-year veteran FAA Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and management specialist, he helped design and manage the national air traffic delay programs for the FAA and the airlines. Additionally, he spent three years as a NATO air traffic controller while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

“Rally is a tremendous resource, both for consumers and for Travelocity. His ability to accurately forecast air traffic is unprecedented, and we couldn`t be happier that he decided to join us,” said Mike Stacy
, senior vice president of marketing for Travelocity.


The first person in the U.S. to provide real-time air traffic reports to the public, Caparas will deliver advice for Travelocity through the Internet, print, radio, national network and cable television.

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