Mobilestar network to supply US Hilton Hotels with high speed internet access

Hilton Hotels Corporation announced today that an agreement has been reached with the MobileStar Network Corporation to supply select U.S. Hilton hotels with wireless access to the Internet.

“We want Hilton to be the first choice of the world’s business travelers,” said Robert E. Dirks, senior vice president - marketing for the hotel division of Hilton Hotels Corporation. “With the rapid increase in the use of the Internet by business travelers, we see an incredible opportunity to add more value for our guests by delivering innovative products and services such as wireless high-speed Internet access in guest and meeting rooms, making it easier to conduct business at Hilton.”

MobileStar Network service will provide wireless Internet access to more than 100 participating U.S. Hilton hotels. The Internet connection is established by simply inserting a special Ethernet LAN PC card into the laptop computer. The card then transmits digital data to access points within the hotel and starts the wireless connection at speeds 10 to 50 times faster than a typical modem.

“Our network is designed to meet the needs of traveling business professionals,” said Mark Goode, MobileStar CEO. “We are excited about our relationship with Hilton Hotels Corporation to provide the Internet access that today’s road warriors need to get the most out of their notebooks. We think making wireless computer communications possible will create a huge demand in a very short time. We’re calling it ‘The Portable Internet.’”

“More and more meeting planners have recognized the effectiveness of utilizing high-speed multimedia via the Internet during company meetings and conventions,” said Bruce Rosenberg, vice president - marketing distribution for the hotel division of Hilton Hotels Corporation. “We plan to install high-speed Internet access in our meeting rooms to facilitate the productivity of meeting attendees, and to explore other potential applications that MobileStar offers, such as cyber cafes and a facility for faster guest check-in/check-out.”


MobileStar Network provides business travelers, wireless high-speed connectivity to the Internet from airports, hotels, and convention and meetings facilities. MobileStar Network has agreements to install in 51 American Airlines terminals and 28 Admirals Clubs across the U.S. this year.