Hotel St. Regis-Detroit Deploys New Technology Solution

Sprint (NYSE: FON, PCS) and Hotel St. Regis-Detroit announced an agreement to launch Sprint InSiteSM with KoolConnect Interactive Media - a service that provides advanced guest solutions and in-room entertainment.

Hotel St. Regis-Detroit will offer the service in all of its 220 rooms. Sprint InSiteSM offers a suite of guest applications, including entertainment, high-speed Internet access over the TV or laptop computer, music and games, digital movies-on-demand with VCR functionality, and online concierge services. The service is operated through the hotel guest`s television via wireless keyboard or remote control.

Sprint InSite has been custom designed for each hotel, allowing Hotel St. Regis-Detroit to extend its brand and create a unique experience that reflects its corporate identity. Because it`s so easily customized, Sprint InSite also will enable Hotel St. Regis-Detroit to seamlessly introduce new enhancements into the guest room as the technology continues to develop.