Lanyon’s RFPassist delivers powerful quality control and productivity tools

Large-volume users will benefit from latest enhancements Dallas, Texas - April 25, 2000 - Lanyon ( announced today the latest release of RFPassist, the industry’s choice for automating the hotel RFP bid process.
Through its powerful quality control, data mapping, and efficiency tools, RFPassist enables hotels to electronically submit bids that accurately match the data requirements of travel agencies, consortia, and corporations. Lanyon anticipates that the latest enhancements to RFPassist will surpass the expectations of its customers, who number more than 45 premier hotel chains worldwide, representing over 30,000 hotels and 15 consortia.
With the onset of the RFP season, Lanyon has incorporated the input of these hotel chains to enhance the 2000 release of RFPassist. New efficiency tools strengthen the already powerful application. These easy-to-use features enable customers to:
- With a few clicks, produce bids in mass that automatically resolve agency format requirements, generate a bid status report, and prepare bids for submission
- In a single view, control the quality and edit all bid data across all properties for an agency, consortia, or corporation before submitting
- Run a global search and replace that spans across core property and bid records, allowing for application of unlimited search criteria
- Apply rate plans that group and store unlimited sets of rates for each property, which provides flexibility and accuracy when submitting rates to agencies, consortia, or corporations
- Mass duplicate corporate bids from season to season, only updating necessary fields (like rates and blackouts)
- Produce any data output set in a format that is read by most applications, such as Microsoft Excel, and provide unlimited reporting capabilities
These latest features result in measurable benefits: enhanced productivity of up to 60 percent; streamlined quality control; and increased report processing capabilities of up to 100 percent.
Lanyon customers praise RFPassist for continuing to enable them to streamline the RFP process and produce information of the highest quality.
- “Lanyon has made the bid process so efficient and easy-I don’t know how we ever managed without it.” Janell George, Susse Chalet Inns
- “I didn’t have to edit a single bid that came from RFPassist for the 1999 season. “We had difficulty with all other electronic files, except for Lanyon. No other product has met our needs.” Shannon Rigby, Director of Hotel Relations-World Travel Partners, BTI Americas
- “Lanyon was one of the best decisions we’ve made all year. By working hand-in-hand with Lanyon’s knowledgeable team, we were able to deliver the timely, high-quality bids that our partners expect from Prime. And, the streamlined electronic process eliminated managing tons of paper, allowing us to focus on our business relationships.” Mary Lou Pollack, Vice President of National Sales, Prime Hospitality Corporation
Anticipating their customers’ growing needs, Lanyon has developed a powerful web-enabled enterprise solution. The first phase of this browser-based, hotel data acquisition solution will go into beta with several leading hotel companies in June. This solution, combined with Lanyon’s recent alliance with JBH Travel Audit, Inc., will dramatically streamline the RFI (Request for Information) process.
About Lanyon

For 16 years, Lanyon has focused on delivering exceptional marketing distribution technologies to the travel industry. From its early success with GDS connectivity to its latest multi-channel publishing and productivity tools, Lanyon products are found in travel-related companies that effectively market their services electronically.
Lanyon is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Sales, support, and development centers are located in London, Houston, Chicago, and Toronto.
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