Octopustravel Online Sightseeing Tours

In addition to 15,000 discount hotels worldwide, octopustravel.com
has now added over 1000 sightseeing tours to its easy-to-use website. With one click from the homepage, tours ranging from wine tasting in France, whale watching in New Zealand and helicopter rides over New York become available.
“Consumers can now build tailor-made itineraries to suit their budget and schedule, and not be forced into a packaged agenda,” said Kevin Bell, vice president of octopustravel. “It also means they will not waste valuable vacation time negotiating excursions locally. We are already seeing many people combining our low hotel rates with sightseeing options.”

Along with detailed descriptions for all tours, customers can view the most popular options, using animated routes that highlight key landmarks along the tour. Like octopustravel`s hotels, most tours can be confirmed instantly.

“Our affiliate partners can certainly benefit from this development as we pay an above average rate of 7% commission for both hotels and tours,” said Kevin Bell, “and that`s based on the gross selling price, making the deal even more attractive”. To see the vast range of tours available, simply log on to octopustravel.com/us and choose the “book sightseeing” option.

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