New Expedia Tools Focus on the Whole Hotel

has announced new display and promotional features that make it easier than ever for hoteliers to showcase and differentiate their properties and increase their sales.

Specifically, Expedia has introduced the following new services for its Expedia Special Rate hotels:—Expedia`s dynamic rate rules empower hoteliers to apply discounts, promotions and variable pricing based on parameters such as the day of the week and length of stay.
—Property display innovations—with new customer-facing features such as 360-degree virtual property tours, neighborhood maps and descriptions, expanded displays of photos and improved navigation to hotel details, Expedia empowers hoteliers to truly show off their properties. These features help travelers know before they go and therefore make their booking decisions based on the quality and location of the hotel—as well as the price.
These new features complement Expedia`s ongoing hotel merchandising and sales vehicles such as the Deals section, destination-focused sections, customer-built packages and the recently announced wired hotels section. .

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