Amadeus Boosts E-ticket Options In The UK

Amadeus, the leading global distribution system
(GDS) and technology provider, has extended its electronic-ticketing
(e-ticketing) capabilities in the UK. 

(Caption: Peter Cacioppo,
Director of Sales for Amadeus UK)

Already offering travel agents the most comprehensive choice of interlining
e-ticket carriers in the UK, Amadeus have announced that from today agents
will be able to interline e-tickets for flights on:

* Continental Airlines and American Airlines

* United Airlines and American Airlines

* United Airlines and Northwest Airlines

* American Airlines and Northwest Airlines


has also added Qualiflyer Group carriers, including Brussels
Airlines, TAP Air Portugal and Swiss International Air Lines, to the list of
airlines that UK travel agents are able to book and allocate e-tickets on.
Key benefits of electronic tickets include:

* Lower costs for travel agents

- Electronic ticketing is the cheapest and
easiest way to issue ticket saving travel agents both time and money

* Quicker check-in time for passengers

- Passengers are able to check in more quickly
via electronic check-in machines at most major airports

* The elimination of problems arising from lost, stolen or damaged
“As the fastest growing GDS in the UK market with the most comprehensive
interlining e-ticket capabilities, we are always looking for ways to make
travel easier for our customers.  Up to now, one of the key e-ticketing
challenges has been the lack of interlining which has meant that passengers
have been restricted to the same airline for all their flights, which is a
distinct disadvantage for business travellers,” said Peter Cacioppo,
Director of Sales for Amadeus UK.

“As e-tickets become more popular, it is important that travel agents are
able to offer their customers this option.  By expanding our e-ticketing
capabilities, Amadeus are enabling agents to meet and exceed the demands of
their clients for e-tickets so that they are able to stay ahead of the
In addition to the carriers mentioned above, Amadeus currently offer
interline capabilities for e-tickets with:

* Lufthansa and SAS

* American Airlines and United Airlines

* American Airlines and Continental

* United Airlines and Continental


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