New Global Software Alliance for Hospitality Sector

MICROS Systems of the US and Systems Union Group of the UK today announced a global distribution agreement, which will improve the software solutions available for major hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, globally.

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to provide a solution that integrates front-office information with back-office financial management systems in order to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs. Within this - and in addition to MICROS` front-office property management, central reservations and customer information systems - MICROS-Fidelio Financials powered by SunSystems has being launched specifically for the hospitality sector.

Paul Coleman, CEO of Systems Union, author of SunSystems, said: “This will provide customers with real-time on-line reporting, enabling managers to make judgments based upon KPIs that use the latest information rather than data that is several days old. Since the hospitality sector is an industry driven by customer service, this ability is a significant step.”

One of the key issues facing hotels is the global nature of central reservations for bookings. This can require different languages, many currencies and real-time communication of bookings from reservation services to individual hotels. This demands a reliable and capable system that ensures accuracy and efficiency whilst managing and improving customer relationships.

Over 16,000 MICROS-Fidelio customer and property management systems are installed worldwide covering many of the leading hotels and hotel chains, making the company the world leader in systems for the hospitality industry. The agreement with SunSystems, which also has extensive hotel and hospitality experience, provides customers with one of the world`s best-selling and most functional software solutions, offering platform independence, a flexible structure and superior integration. Products from both companies are multi-language, multi-currency and used in most countries around the world.


Tom Giannopoulos, CEO of MICROS Systems, said: “Under the global distribution agreement, the sales teams of MICROS-Fidelio and SunSystems will work as one. There is considerable expertise within the two organizations and together we will be the leading force in the worldwide provision of management systems to the hospitality sector.”