Hilton Hotels Corporation and Cais Internet announce agreement

Hilton Hotels Corporation and CAIS Internet announced today an agreement to install in U.S. Hilton hotels CAIS Internet’s OverVoice—-premiere high speed Internet voice/data technology that lets Internet users surf the Internet at high speeds (up to 10Mbps) and talk on the phone using the same line at the same time. In 1999, Hilton will be the only hospitality company to offer leading edge high speed Internet access to guests at hotels systemwide, and the first nationwide chain to endorse CAIS Internet’s OverVoice as its preferred high speed Internet solution.
Installation will begin with larger downtown-area and convention Hilton hotels, followed by smaller hotels in second-tier cities. Hilton hopes to complete installation by 1999’s end.

“Connectivity to the Internet is critical to functioning in the business world today,” said Robert E. Dirks, senior vice president - marketing for Hilton Hotels Corporation. “Our teaming up with a top-tier company like CAIS Internet to deliver OverVoice to our guests demonstrates Hilton’s leadership in electronic commerce arena within the hospitality industry. This important service epitomizes our dedication to providing our guests with tools to help them be more efficient while traveling.”

OverVoice, available for hotels and multi-dwelling properties, expands the existing copper telephone wire to accommodate up to 10 Mbps high speed Internet access, 50-300 times the standard dial-up connection rate. OverVoice offers uninterrupted, business-class service without costly rewiring or system re-engineering for properties. “CAIS Internet is pleased to offer OverVoice with Hilton Hotels,” said Ulysses G. Auger II, President and Chairman of CAIS Internet, which offers OverVoice. “Hilton guests will benefit from OverVoice’s mission-critical Internet solution, and revolutionize how they communicate and multi-task with the ability to access the Internet at high speeds and use the phone in their rooms at the same time.”

High speed Internet access will be available in approximately half of all guest rooms at each OverVoice participating U.S. Hilton hotel. In addition, guests at Hilton hotels will have OverVoice high speed Internet access in all meeting rooms.

Nominal in-room charges for OverVoice high speed Internet access, and will be billed to the guest’s room folio. Following completion of the installation, rates may be adjusted based on overall usage of the service. Companies wishing to make Internet access available to meeting attendees in conference areas will be able to do so with OverVoice at costs a fraction of what is typical today in provisioning Internet access to meeting rooms.


CAIS Internet retains exclusive license to OverVoice. To use the Internet access, guests will need a commonly used Ethernet-equipped laptop computer.

Hilton Hotels Corporation is recognized internationally as a preeminent hospitality company. The company develops, owns, manages or franchises hotels, resorts and vacation ownership properties. www.overvoice.com Reservations can be made at all Hilton and Conrad International hotels worldwide online at www.hilton.com, through a professional travel agent or by contacting Hilton Reservations Worldwide at 1-800-HILTONS.

CAIS Internet is a first-tier Internet Service Provider, offering a full range of high speed Internet solutions from ISDN to HyperDSL, including the patented and patent-pending data-over-voice technology, OverVoice. Headquartered in Washington, DC, CAIS Internet and its sister company, Cleartel Communications, deliver advanced and integrated digital solutions.

OverVoice is available for hotels and multi-unit properties. Internet users wishing to learn more about CAIS Internet’s OverVoice product may visit the website at www.overvoice.com, or call 1-888-OVERVOICE.