BA Cuts Over to Amadeus Electronic Ticket Server

ETS gives airlines a common system and database to seamlessly exchange
electronic ticket records, cut related management costs & improve data

In the continued evolution of its information
technology systems, British Airways has taken another significant step in
the strategic IT partnership with Amadeus. On 4 August, British Airways cut
over successfully to the Amadeus Electronic Ticket Server (ETS), a central
application and database of electronic ticketing records, which enables
airlines to save an estimated 80 per cent, minimum, in e-ticket system
maintenance costs.

Paul Coby, Chief Information Officer, British Airways, commented, “This is
another milestone in our relationship with Amadeus and one which further
helps us deliver better customer service whilst generating significant cost
savings for the airline. I am also delighted with the continuing spirit of
teamwork that exists between British Airways and Amadeus, forged through our
close working partnership.”

Electronic tickets today comprise almost 60 per cent of all British Airways
tickets issued worldwide through the airline`s sales channels. To boost
this, the carrier seamlessly transferred 1.6 million electronic tickets,
plus all its electronic ticket distribution and management services to ETS,
which has all the links to global distribution systems for travel agency
distribution, check-in, revenue accounting and departure control systems, as
required by advanced airlines.

An increasing number of airlines are opting to use electronic ticketing
systems because of the cost savings and improved data quality such service
provides. More importantly, to grow the usage of electronic tickets,
airlines need to have interline electronic ticket features in place, which
is facilitated by the use of a common system and database as provided by


Oneworld members LanChile and Finnair already implement ETS. The use of a
common electronic ticket database by members of the same airline alliance,
with Qantas due to follow in November 2002, creates significant added value
and cost savings to these airlines. It also facilitates travel for their
passengers who will be able to use a single ticket for itineraries involving
travel on more than one of the carriers.
Hans Jorgensen, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus added;
“Amadeus also facilitates interline electronic ticketing between Finnair and
American Airlines, although they use different systems. The tendency of
using common, large databases and systems for interline e-ticketing will
increase usage of e-ticketing and increase cost savings for the airlines.”

Other airlines that currently use Amadeus ETS include All Nippon Airways,
LanPeru and Southern Winds. Amadeus also facilitates electronic ticketing
interline for 17 airlines that have their own electronic ticketing systems
including Air Canada, Delta, American Airlines, United, Continental and
Northwest Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS, Austrian Airlines, Deutsche BA,
Eurowings AG and Wideroe«s Flyveselskap.