Delta Air Lines Begins Interline Electronic Ticketing with United Airlines

Delta Air Lines have announced it will begin
interline electronic ticketing with United Airlines, extending the
convenience of electronic ticketing to customers who travel on Delta and
United in the same itinerary.  This enhancement, which will launch Aug. 14,
2002, facilitates Delta`s efforts to create customer-focused technology
solutions that reduce hassle and add convenience for its customers.

“Today, more than 77 percent of Delta customers worldwide take advantage of
electronic ticketing.  It is the most convenient way to buy airline tickets
because there is no paper ticket to misplace, forget or have stolen,” said
Lee Macenczak, senior vice president - Sales & Distribution. “And, to add to
that convenience, customers now have the flexibility of changing itineraries
between Delta and United without exchanging their electronic ticket for a
paper ticket.”

Delta anticipates it will expand interline electronic ticketing technology
with several other major U.S. carriers in late 2002 and early 2003.
Additionally, development is in progress to extend interline electronic
ticketing issuance capability to the travel agency community via the global
distribution systems throughout 2002 and early 2003.

Interline electronic tickets can be issued by Delta or United through their
individual reservation centres, airports and ticket office locations.  This
product will be available for all Delta and United flights in electronic
ticketing-eligible markets including Delta Connection and United Express

Delta Air Lines, the world`s second largest carrier in terms of passengers
carried and the leading U.S. airline across the Atlantic, offers 5,898
flights each day to 429 destinations in 76 countries on Delta, Delta
Express, Delta Shuttle, Delta Connection and Delta`s worldwide partners.
Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that
provides customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights and