Launches the World`s first Truly Global Eco-tour Database
, the world`s fastest growing sustainable tourism website, has launched a brand new interactive sustainable travel directory, listing over 400 eco-tour operators from around the globe.
These unique opportunities include cycling the volcanoes of the Kamchatka Peninsula with local guides, working with WWF-Philippines to protect the local coral reefs and staying with a village community in Belize that is working to protect the rare Black Howler Monkey. These opportunities and hundreds more can be found by today`s travellers all with a few clicks of a mouse.
People in the 21st Century are increasingly calling for a more Organic lifestyle, from their choice of food, to their clothes and their beauty products. This is also starting to impact their choice of holiday. There is an increased awareness that traditional package holidays can damage the environment and, in most cases, do little to boost the overall economies of developing countries. In contrast, has an ethos of only promoting tour operators who actively promote and help sustain their local communities.
By buying a tour from an operator who promotes a more eco-friendly holiday, you are helping improve the places you are visiting. eco-tours engage local people, buy local products and charge local prices. By staying in locally run and managed hotels and lodges, rather than foreign-owned chain hotels, travellers also ensure their tourist dollar stays where it should. Tourism impacts local societies in many ways. It can be beneficial if planned responsibly, however mismanagement can result in the creation of tourist ghettos and can ruin the lives, the environment and the culture of local communities. has promoted eco-tourism in all four corners of the world for the past three years by providing up to date and informative travel stories, award winning photographs and a wealth of information by experienced travellers for the benefit of everyone. has over 10,000 active members and now, has the added feature of a full and growing interactive directory of sustainable tours, which makes the choice of an eco-friendly holiday even easier.