UNOTEL Forms Strategic Partnership With MICROS-Fidelio

Asia Pacific and UNOTEL have formed a strategic partnership for its emerging China based hotel chain, which has now selected FidelioXpress as the preferred information system.

Terence Ronson, IT Director of UNOTEL and Managing Director of Pertlink
, an IT hospitality consultancy, stated at the signing ceremony: “We have just opened the first UNOTEL in Guangzhou, and plan to open several more in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing very soon. Through partnerships and franchising, we hope to take the UNOTEL concept internationally to include over 1,000 of the 6,000 two and three star hotels located across China.”

“Technology is a key component to the success of this project. We especially needed back-office support products for controlling room inventory,” Ronson added. “To help us manage the business and keep up with our aggressive rollout program, we required a cost-effective solution that was easy to set-up, use and deploy.

FidelioXpress from MICROS-Fidelio satisfied all of these requirements.” Stefan M. Piringer, President, MICROS-Fidelio Asia Pacific, added, “We are delighted that UNOTEL has selected MICROS-Fidelio as its preferred vendor for IT. This is the first time FidelioXpress has been marketed in China, and UNOTEL is a perfect avenue for FidelioXpress to gain entrance into the world`s largest market. FidelioXpress is dual-language, and has many of the features found in our Suite 6 and Version 7 products, but in a smaller footprint. We our confident that FidelioXpress and our global support services will facilitate UNOTEL`s rapid growth in the local and international marketplaces.”

UNOTEL, as a concept and brand which kicks-off in China is new to the global hospitality industry often being classified as a hotel inside a hotel. Unlike the traditional model of operating an entire hotel as a brand, UNOTEL takes one floor usually of an existing two or three star hotel, contracts it on a long-term basis from the owners, renovates it to high standards, and provides such facilities as free high speed internet access. It then markets it at a very affordable rate. UNOTEL is targeted at the local business traveler.


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