China Unicom Ventures Into the Travel Market

The Paging Branch of China Unicom`s Beijing Office has secured its first travel bookings through the 4Oceans
web-based hotel reservations and clearing platform.

The pilot venture, which marks China Unicom`s first step into the travel market and the evolution of the traditional paging system into an information service, has been designed and implemented by 4Oceans utilising the company`s China Distribution System (CDS) and the development of a modern call centre.

Initially the scheme will be piloted in Beijing and then extended to other provinces if successful. China Unicom currently has 50 million subscribers across the country. 4Oceans is already established as the largest on-line electronic distribution channel in China and the call-centre and platform will allow reservations throughout China, Europe and the Far-East.

David Yates, Managing Director at 4Oceans, added: “Our system and knowledge of the Chinese market, taken in context with the distribution channels available to China Unicom, places the company in an ideal position to offer its customers the best possible value-added service using existing infrastructure.

Via the 4oceans online system the call centre staff will be able to see at a glance what is available, market unsold space, guarantee reservations and deliver confirmation through the paging service. The platform compliments China Unicom`s desire increase and meet customer demands quickly and efficiently through enhanced service.



4Oceans was created in March 2002 by merging the International Hotel Systems business of TFM plc and the customer reservations systems business of Hotel World. The company is effectively an Application Service Provider (ASP), operating the platform on behalf of hotels and travel agents connected to it and taking a revenue stream from transaction costs. 4Oceans is also active in the UK and Europe, supporting over 2,500 hotels throughout Europe directly and around 10,000 indirectly through GDS worldwide. The company processes over 25,000 transactions per day.