WorldRes Network Features MapQuest`s Interactive Maps
and MapQuest
have entered into a new agreement to map hotels around the world. As part of this new alliance, MapQuest`s leading interactive maps will now be featured across the WorldRes network, making it easier for travelers to make informed decisions about their hotel accommodations.
According to Jupiter Media Metrix online hotel reservations are expected to jump 40 percent to $7 billion this year. The partnership between WorldRes and MapQuest will extend the convenience of online travel by enabling people to more easily choose ideal accommodations based on location. When consumers are researching and booking travel, they will be able to accurately pinpoint the location of more than 30,000 WorldRes hotels, resorts, inns and bed & breakfasts on detailed, full-color MapQuest-powered maps. Consumers will save time and money by being able to also research travel distances and surrounding areas and attractions.

MapQuest, a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc., is a leading provider of online mapping, directions and destination information and location-based services to consumers and businesses anytime, anywhere. Ranked among the most powerful U.S. brands on the Internet, is consistently the #1 mapping Web site and travel Web site according to Jupiter Media Metrix data. It generates the majority of all Internet mapping page views, licenses its technologies to thousands of business partners and is linked to by hundreds of thousands of other Web sites.

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