New Survey: Consumers Turn to Internet First

According to a national survey conducted by Digital Marketing Services Inc.
(DMS), a leading provider of online research and a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, more than 80 percent of consumers with online access polled say they now turn to the Internet first when searching for information. The Internet ranked significantly higher than many other popular sources of information, such as looking in the phonebook (7%), asking Mom (5%), or dialing 411 (2%).

DMS survey results also showed that the most popular thing people search for online is driving directions (61%), followed by vacation or travel information (60%) and hobbies/interests (57%), respondents also showed a keen interest in searching for information about acquaintances. More than 75% of people polled admitted to going online to seek out former classmates, family members and reflecting a growing trend toward “ego surfing,” they also admitted doing a search on themselves.

“Search is no longer just a utility, it`s fast becoming a cultural phenomenon,” commented AOL Online Advisor, author and Internet trend expert Regina Lewis. “While practical searches like driving directions, information on products and jobs continue to top the charts, it`s also getting more and more personal as people look for the scoop on former and current love interests, prospective baby names, and even what`s `out there` on themselves.

Who doesn`t wonder what ever happened to their junior prom date?”