Travelocity Can Make You a Director for a Day

Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola ... and you? That`s right, you could be the next big director to step into the Hollywood scene - by directing a commercial for Travelocity.

is giving all budding filmmakers the opportunity to win $25,000 and the chance to have their commercial run on national television. To enter the Consumer Commercial Contest, contestants must create a 30-second television ad about Travelocity and submit it by Sept. 19, 2002, for a chance to win. The panel of judges will choose the best ad and award a $25,000 director`s fee as a cash prize to the winner.

To win the $25,000, contestants need to follow three steps:

    1.  Create an ad.  Visit to view
      the creative brief, which will list the requirements to win.  Read
      the brief and come up with an idea for a 30-second ad—your take
      on the current “Travelocity Can” ad campaign.  It could be based on
      your own travel adventures or experience using Travelocity tools.

    2.  Complete a registration form.  Fill out the entry form, found at

  3.  Submit an entry.  Submissions need to be in one of the required
      formats (VHS, DVD, MiniDV, DVCam, BetaCam, BetaCam SP or Digibeta)
      and received by Sept. 19, 2002, in order to be eligible to win.
      Each person can submit only one :30 second television commercial
      entry per household.

A panel of preliminary judges will select 20 finalists from all the entries. A separate panel of celebrity judges, consisting of professional experts from the film and advertising world, will choose the winner on or about Sept. 30, 2002. The panel of celebrity judges includes Richard Donner, of Lethal Weapon and Superman fame; Stan Richards, owner of advertising agency The Richards Group; and Mike Malone, creative director for The Richards Group.
Each ad must be an execution of the “Travelocity Can ... ” campaign. The ads will be scored based on the following criteria and point system:



  1.  Creativity (0-20 points): How imaginative and artistic is the
      creative (i.e. its look and feel)?

    2.  Content (0-20 points): What information is presented in the ad, and
      how is it presented?

    3.  Originality (0-20 points): How original is the creative?  Is the
      concept one-of-a-kind, or has it been used before?

    4.  Clarity (0-20 points): Does the ad concept come across as a clear
      and concise idea?

    5.  Appropriateness of Brand Image (0-20 points): Does the creative
      support and reflect the image of the Travelocity brand and
      “Travelocity Can” campaign?

Once each judge has reviewed your entry and assigned each criterion a points value, the score will be tallied.
The entrant who achieves the highest-scoring entry during the final judging will receive our Grand Prize of $25,000. The ad will also be considered for airing on television. Additionally, the winner and four runners-up will be featured on The winner will be contacted by email and/or FedEx delivery on or about Oct. 7, 2002.
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