Ramsay World Travel Implements Endeavour by Telewest

Ramsay World Travel
, one of Scotland`s leading travel agents, has
implemented Telewest Travel Endeavour to enable agents in all of its
eight stores to access accurate up to the minute travel information on
behalf of their customers.

Endeavour was one of the first services designed specifically for the
travel industry professional to enable faster, more accurate provision
of travel information to the customer. Operating within Telewest`s

dedicated travel extranet, Endeavour consistently delivers extensive
Internet and e-commerce capabilities to the industry.

Using Endeavour from Telewest, Ramsay World Travel staff can tap into up
to the minute information including holiday availability from all major
tour operators, as well as supplementary advice including weather
reports and currency rates and translations.


Since introducing Endeavour in April 2002 Ramsay`s agents have noticed
an increase in the level of service they are able to offer customers.
Dave Terry, Operations Manager at Ramsay World Travel says, “Endeavour
is key to helping our agents provide quality customer service. Using
Telewest`s technology they have immediate access to reliable,
comprehensive travel information.  Endeavour is also quicker than our
previous system, making bookings more time-efficient. In turbulent
economic times it is increasingly important to retain customer loyalty,
Endeavour helps to keep us one step ahead of the competition and is cost
effective to our own business needs.”

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