Northwest Airlines Announces Industry-leading Technology

Imagine bypassing the long check-in lines at the airport ticket counter because you’ve already checked yourself in and printed out your boarding pass at home or the office. Not too long ago, customers were introduced to the convenience of e-tickets. Now, Northwest Airlines is announcing the launch of a new technology even more convenient - Internet check-in through Starting today, Northwest will be the first major network carrier to offer an Internet check-in program for all passengers on outbound flights in Memphis, Tenn.

This new service, through, will allow passengers to complete the entire check-in process from their own PCs. The process is quick and easy:

Passengers need to go to the Internet check-in URL at:
The prompt will ask for the passenger’s name and a confirmation number, WorldPerks number or a major credit card number.
Passengers will be then asked a series of FAA required security questions, which must be answered to proceed.
Next, customers can print out their boarding pass directly from their PCs.
Upon arrival at the airport, passengers may go directly to the boarding agent, bypassing all ticket check-in lines. The agent will scan the bar code on the boarding pass, ask the customer for ID, and then it’s on to the plane.

If outbound Memphis Internet check-in passengers are traveling with luggage, they need to check luggage at a special line in the Memphis airport.

Northwest began testing this new technology with a small number of corporate clients in March 2000. Internet check-in is now available on all outbound flights from Memphis and will be rolled out to all Northwest passengers by early 2001. Internet check-in will aid in cutting down on travel delays and give passengers increased control.


“People don’t like long lines or lack of information,” said John Parker, Northwest vice president- information services. “New Northwest initiatives like Internet Check-in will help bust those lines while giving customers the information and control they need and deserve.”

Internet check-in is just one of the many services Northwest has developed to keep lines short, to offer an alternative to the check-in process and to keep customers informed.

“Continuing to enhance the capabilities of our self-service devices makes the customer experience easier and more enjoyable, and that’s our main objective,” said Parker.

Outbound Memphis passengers who use Internet Check-in will receive 1,000 WorldPerks bonus miles (now through August 19, 2000). For more information on Check-in, please log on to the Northwest Web site at