FareChase Launches State-Of-The-Art Web Packaging Tool

With an estimated 20 percent of all business travel expected to be booked online this year, FareChase has released its new, robust Web Automation Version 3.0 Software to search, retrieve and book travel online.

The newest version of FareChase`s Web Automation technology empowers corporate travel planners and business travel agencies with the most powerful, fast and practical search engine to assemble multiple, simultaneous travel components found on over 150 travel sites directly from the source, many not available through traditional distribution channels.

FareChase`s Version 3.0 will power the new Web fares solution for Sabre; the new Internet-only application for e-Travel and the new Web fares program to manage corporate travel expenses for Outtask.

“The Web Packaging Tool is a real-time application with the inherent intelligence to dynamically and simultaneously build and book multiple, travel components easily from an unlimited number of travel sites which meets corporate travel rules and policy and can be purchased through one interface in a fast and efficient fashion” says Krista Pappas, SVP of FareChase. “This dynamic tool has the intelligence to combine online retailers, and direct sales while balancing the different channels to ensure the best experience for travelers and the best possible sales distribution for the travel distributors,” adds Pappas. The Web Packaging Tool now is in beta.



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