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Utell Implements Lanyon Tools

Utell announced the implementation
of an agreement with Dallas-based Lanyon that allows Utell`s hotel
members to submit responses to corporate and travel agency request for
proposal (RFP) bids online. 
Utell, a
subsidiary of Pegasus Solutions, Inc., is the hotel industry`s largest
third-party marketing and reservations provider(1), with nearly 5,400
member properties around the world.

The addition of Lanyon`s automated RFP services underscores Utell`s
commitment to providing its hotel members with the technology to
effectively pursue new business.  “With hotel room buyers under
increasing pressure to maximize savings in all aspects of corporate
travel, Utell`s inclusion in the solicitation process gives buyers
more hotel options to meet the needs of their traveling workforce,”
said Mark Wells, Utell`s president and chief operating officer.  “In
particular, the rollout of Lanyon`s tools gives our members in Europe
and Asia the means to get their properties and room rates in front of
travel managers on other continents.”  More than 1,000 Utell hotels
have signed up for the service, with an additional 500 anticipated to
be registered by December.

Lanyon`s standardized applications also save time for hotel employees
that previously spent countless hours responding to individual paper
RFPs.  “I`ve filled out numerous forms, each one asking for the same
information, over and over again,” said Rebbeca Hedinger, director of
sales and catering at Boulder Broker Inn, a 118-room property in
Boulder, Colo.  “Utell`s tools are remarkably efficient, allowing me
to accomplish other revenue-generating tasks and limiting my RFP
issues to the occasional updating of rates.”

The simple format makes it easy for corporate travel managers to
request rates and integrate Utell`s diverse collection of independent
properties into any managed corporate travel program.  RFPpublisher
requires no downloading of software, giving properties the ability to
quickly enter descriptions and rates, eliminating redundant data entry
and costly manual processing.  The program is designed to be
error-proof, alerting users to incomplete or inaccurate information.
Utell also provides pre-population of static data from its central
reservation system, ensuring further speed and accuracy. 

Once properties complete the information required for a specific bid
from a consortia or corporation, the data is submitted online through
RFPpublisher.  Utell then downloads this information and provides the
travel manager with an electronic file, thus cutting down the
significant burden of paper contracts for the soliciting agency or


“The introduction of Lanyon`s progressive RFP response technology to
our portfolio of member services reinforces our commitment to helping
members attract more corporate bookings,” added Wells.  “The
independent hotels and small hotel chains that represent the majority
of our membership typically have numerous hurdles to overcome in
building relationships with corporate travel managers.  This
technology, combined with ongoing efforts of our worldwide sales
force, will undoubtedly raise the profile of our member hotels by
delivering prompt responses to global and regional corporate bids.”

“We`re pleased to add Utell`s prominent collection of hotels and
resorts to our client base,” said Todd Tyler, Lanyon`s chief executive
officer.  “Consolidating RFP responses under RFPpublisher will greatly
enhance productivity, allowing properties to bid for more business and
build incremental revenue.  This relationship should also please
hundreds of agencies and corporations that can look forward to the
benefits of electronic bid submission from Utell hotels.”  More than
50 hotel companies use RFPpublisher, representing over 100 brands. 

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