GetThere Delivers Multi-Source Engine Technology

GetThere, a Sabre Company, the world`s largest provider of online corporate travel reservation systems, today announced the GetThere Multi-Source Engine(TM), a technology that gives corporations access to virtually all fares and travel options. Corporations using GetThere`s online travel reservation system will have the ability to view and compare choices from all electronic distribution channels: global distribution systems (GDS), supplier Web sites, direct connections and other emerging sources of travel options. 
“Internet-only fares have caused confusion in the corporate travel industry, but in reality they often represent a fraction of the fares relevant to corporate travel. The travel industry needs to address the broader issue of accessing all fares—whether negotiated, published, Web fares and other non-published,” said Mark Orttung
, vice president of product marketing at GetThere. “The GetThere Multi-Source Engine is the evolution from multi-GDS to multi-source, giving travelers access to options that complement the current distribution process.”

GetThere`s online corporate travel reservation technology is used by many of the world`s leading corporations, including more than half of the Fortune 200. Online booking was first deployed to provide a convenient option to travelers, however corporations soon realized they were saving significantly because travelers were able to view, evaluate and select lower priced fares. The Internet has also given travelers the ability to view other options including different prices and content depending on what source a traveler is accessing. The GetThere Multi-Source Engine gives corporate employees the ability to view all content and prices when they make a booking, allows for the seamless servicing of all reservations, and allows corporations to accurately capture data to help them properly manage their travel spending.

The GetThere Multi-Source Engine is already in place and connected to all global distribution systems, in addition to direct connections with major suppliers. GetThere also announced today it is integrating technology that allows travelers to book Internet specials from airline, hotel and car rental supplier sites. Unlike other online booking systems that drop travelers at the external sites, GetThere uses a technique called “proxy booking” that allows travelers to book Web specials within the same interface as the corporation`s comprehensive managed online booking system.

The GetThere Multi-Source Engine is enabled by several patent-pending technologies including GetThere SuperPNR(TM) and GetThere Agent Interface(TM).



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