i:FAO Presents Enhanced Powertrip - Be In Control

, developer of cytric and powertrip,
the market leading business travel eProcurement software, is announcing a
series of major enhancements for powertrip.  The new release of powertrip has
already been promoted into full production and is deployed across powertrip`s
large customer base.

Brand New User Interface

  i:FAO Group has introduced a brand new look and feel for powertrip.
powertrip has been re-designed specifically to deliver speedy and
information-rich, policy-compliant travel options to the business traveler.
powertrip displays availability and faring on the same screen, simplifies
hotels selections based on preferred properties and expedites the reservation
process, ensuring the lowest price with each and every transaction.  “The
response from major powertrip distributors and customers has been exceedingly
positive and we`ve already started to see an immediate increase in usage,”
said Mary Jo Sabeti, Executive Vice President of i:FAO North America.

Multi-Site(TM) Technology for powertrip

  Small to medium-size businesses have been quick to adopt online travel
technologies as a way to reduce travel management fees and increase service
to business travelers.  With high demand for expedited implementations,
powertrip partners have the capability to easily set-up and deploy powertrip
to corporate clients.  i:FAO`s Multi-Site Technology reduces implementation
time by taking advantage of tiered file finishing,  PNR and policy structures
as well as facilitating customizations as new clients are implemented. Using
Multi-Site technology, powertrip also supports complex multi-agency,
multi-GDS implementations.

Corporate Messaging Functionality

  One of the factors impacting the penetration of on-line booking is
corporate level support.  i:FAO offers corporate travel managers a solution to
communicate corporate preferences and important travel related information.
With corporate messaging, the corporate travel manager can help business
travelers to make the right decision.  This is easily accomplished by placing
customized corporate messages at the point of decision and during the booking
process. Corporate messages may be policy or destination directed.

Perfect PNR(TM)

  With the new release powertrip introduces the Perfect PNR(TM).  After
extensive research in close cooperation with powertrip distributors, the
Perfect PNR(TM) delivers the entire infrastructure needed to create operating
efficiencies within fulfillment centers.  Most travel management companies
already offer tiered transactional pricing to corporate clients—supporting
high, low and no touch reservations.  With the Perfect PNR(TM),  distribution
partners can maintain the superior services expected by corporate clients
while eliminating labor-intensive processes.  The Perfect PNR(TM) allows
agency to create the PNR structures exactly as required for a touchless


TwinView(TM) Technology for powertrip

  i:FAO `s revolutionary TwinView(TM) Technology is the first technology to
allow eFulfillment centers to expand the service offerings to corporations
using business travel eProcurement systems.  For travel management companies,
TwinView(TM) helps to streamline operational efficiencies because agents can
respond quickly to the traveler in every step of the booking.  For the
corporation, the traveler can place a call directly to a live agent that can
support him or her, without further explanation or delay.  TwinView(TM) is
one more way that i:FAO provides new, cost-efficient solutions to bring value
and services to resellers and corporate customers.

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