AirTran Airways Announces Ticketless Service for Travel Agents

AirTran Airways
, a
subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:AAI), today announced it
will now offer Guaranteed Ticketing, a product that allows travel
agents to electronically book, change and cancel ticketless
reservations on AirTran Airways.
Previously, travel agents booking
their clients through Worldspan using the ticketless travel option had
to place a phone call to the airline. This new enhancement eliminates
the need to phone the airline and streamlines the travel agents`
selling process. Travel agents will now be able to electronically
transmit payment information via Worldspan. This product is available
to subscribers of technology provider Worldspan, which currently
serves more than 20,000 travel agents.
“Guaranteed Ticketing will greatly enhance travel agents`
productivity and significantly improve the overall sales process of
booking and ticketing on AirTran Airways,” said Bill Howard, AirTran
Airways` national sales director. “Additionally, travel agents can
look forward to hearing about similar functionality improvements
through other GDS providers in the near future.”
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