Cornerstone Adds Value to Travel Products With Infotriever

Cornerstone Information Systems, has announced that it has selected Infotriever
to provide
Organizer Integration technology to its ResMAIL(TM) product. 
The combined
solution will enable Cornerstone clients using ResMAIL(TM) to deliver vital
travel information into their travelers` personal organizers including:
Microsoft Outlook(TM), Lotus Notes(TM), Palm OS(R) and Act 2000(TM).
Millions of travelers are currently emailed their itineraries from their
travel providers through Cornerstone`s ResMAIL(TM) document delivery solution.
Now with Infotriever, those travelers can click on a hyperlink or button in
the plain text or HTML email or PDF attachment to effortlessly add their
complete travel itinerary directly to their personal calendar.  Moreover,
critical contact information for the travel provider, airline, hotel or rental
car company can also be added directly to the travelers` personal address
book, ensuring they are equipped with all of the vital information they need
when traveling. This exclusive and timesaving ability will further strength
the customer relationship with the travel management company.
“As the company that defined the Web-services space for calendar and
contact delivery, Infotriever was the natural choice for Cornerstone,” said
Mat Orrego, president of Cornerstone information Systems.  “In order to best
take advantage of its innovative capabilities, we are integrating Infotriever
with ResMAIL, iBank, and all of our products that deliver critical event and
contact information to travelers.”
“By embedding Infotriever in its solutions, Cornerstone is demonstrating
its commitment to innovation and to further enhance the value for its
customers and end users,” said Alexander Rink, co-founder and vice president
of Business Development at Infotriever.  “With the new permission-based
Organizer Download functionality from Infotriever, Cornerstone customers are
now able to entrench their brand in their travelers` personal organizer,
ensuring customer share of mind and driving repeat business.”
Cornerstone`s ResMAIL(TM) product provides customers with the ability to
brand their own content and deliver one-to-one customer care.  In addition,
travel agents using ResMAIL(TM) can deliver flight options and other
personalized services directly from their desktop or a Web-based interface to
their travelers via email, or now with Infotriever, directly into the
traveler`s personal organizer.  One of Infotriever`s unique value-add features
that is available to ResMAIL(TM) customers and travelers is ExecAssist(TM).
ExecAssist(TM) allows travel agents, travel managers and executive assistants
to automatically add itineraries to their travelers` or executives` calendars
and is currently being used by travel agents to forge and maintain closer
relationships with their customers.
Cornerstone and Infotriever are working closely together to define and
bring to market the next generation in permission-based technologies that
enhance the travelers` experience and build stronger ties between travel
providers and travelers.  Cornerstone and Infotriever are leveraging their
technologies and customers-partners network to explore ways in which they can
deliver personalized, location-based information to the traveler to the right
place, at the right time.  For example, travelers will be able to opt-in to
have personalized offers for events at their destination (such as concerts or
sporting events) added to their calendar prior to departure, including
embedded hyperlinks to purchase tickets.  Businesses participating in this
network enjoy targeted visibility and higher revenues.

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