Travelocity & StudentUniverse Join Forces to Deliver Student Center

, the most popular
travel site on the Web, and StudentUniverse, the largest online provider of
dedicated student and faculty travel, have joined forces to launch Student
Center, a cost-saving vehicle offering discounted fares and travel products
exclusively to students and faculty. 
will enable Travelocity
to broaden its appeal to one of the fastest-growing, and often overlooked,
niche markets—the 15 million North American students who spend
approximately $15 billion annually on travel.  StudentUniverse will enjoy
reciprocal sales and marketing benefits through Travelocity, dramatically
increasing penetration of the student travel market.
Only registered college students and faculty are eligible to buy the
products offered through Travelocity`s Student Center.  StudentUniverse
technology verifies student enrollment or faculty status in real time,
ensuring non-students are filtered out of the process.  Thus, only enrolled
students and faculty can gain access to millions of discounted, specially
negotiated student fares and student travel products.  These products are
provided exclusively through StudentUniverse`s proprietary net faring engine,
and are unavailable through traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies.
“This partnership is a very positive step for our business, as we now have
a significantly enhanced product targeting a vital component of the travel
industry,” said Mike Altomari, vice president of portal relations for
Travelocity.  “We hope to deliver a quality offering that benefits students
and faculty and ultimately capture a very important niche market, tomorrow`s
business travelers.”
The Student Center will offer a number of new advantages, including
$37 savings on verification and shipping (customers no longer need to buy the
$22 International Student Identity Card and shipping is free); exclusive
student fares; flexible terms and conditions (one-way fares at 50 percent of
round-trip, no or low advance purchase, maximum stay of up to one year,
refundable tickets with minimal penalties); and a huge selection of national
and international destinations through major carriers.
“The Student Center brings great student airfares to dorm rooms
everywhere.  Every student in the universe is online, and this partnership
shows that Travelocity takes them seriously,” said StudentUniverse`s founder
and CEO, Espen Odegard.  “Students can take full advantage of their status at
Travelocity`s Student Center.  No more service fees, ISIC cards or costly

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