Uflyonline Launches e-Travel Website in the Middle East

Uflyonline, with its head office in Montreal Canada, and its regional presence in Beirut Lebanon, has developed the first e-travel website in the Middle East and the Gulf region.
Since e-travel is the e-commerce business that has succeeded the most, by achieving sales of 1.3 billion in March 2001, and since IBM
research revealed that 40% of Middle East travelers are willing to book online with an annual growth of 31%, Mitri Kurban founder of Uflyonline and a tourism industrial, for more than 15 years, took the challenge to launch the first real online travel company in MENA. This project offers the user local airfares, hotels, cars, and packages using sophisticated Canadian technology and the Sabre reservation system. Bookings are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users get the same rates, which they usually get from their travel agents but with much wider choices, benefiting from all specials booked online .The site offers the same facilities and flexibilities in booking and payment as a classical Travel agency. Users are also assisted by a Call center staff available 12 hours a day 7/7 in order to help them technically in using the site.
Uflyonline is proud to announce that it has achieved its goals of 2002, which is the opening of 8 countries in the MENA area. Exclusive contracts have been signed with leading travel agents in each country giving that technological futuristic project a local presence.

After signing an agreement with Kurban Travel, and launching a pilot test operation in September 2001 in Lebanon, UFLYonline has signed with Fursan Travel and tourism in Saudi Arabia, represented by Mr. Ibrahim Al Mohandis. Fursan is a subsidiary of the AL RAJHI group, the leading bankers of the Kingdom. Fursan operates 52 outlets where it will give access to all Uflyonline passengers.

In Bahrain, an exclusive contract has been signed also with WTS - World Travel Service represented by Mr. Hicham Baradie, a subsidiary of the UNITAG group, a leading business group in Bahrain.

In UAE, UFLYonline has contracted with ATB - Abu Dhabi travel Bureau, represented by Mr. Raymond Korban. ATB is the leading Travel Agency of the State of Abu Dhabi with 17 outlets.

In Jordan, a contract has been signed with UTA - United Travel Agency represented by Mr. Gaby Seikaly .UTA is a leading agency in the Jordanian market always aiming for the best.


In Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar, final contracts are being signed with leading agencies in those territories.

With its presence in 8 countries in 2002, and 14 countries in 2003,UFLYonline is one of the largest e-commerce projects in the area bringing global technology to local reality.