Starwood & Six Continents install INNCom`s INNweb System

The INNweb system has recently been installed at Starwood`s
Westin Stamford in Connecticut, and is in the process of being installed at the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach, Calif., a Six Continents

INNweb system utilizes a standard Ethernet or DSL backbone to provide centrally controlled energy management, occupancy reporting, central electronic lock control and other valuable management tools. At the same time, INNweb creates an infrastructure that can be used for the full range of broadband services, including high-speed Internet access, digital video-on-demand, Voice Over Internet Protocol phones and IP radio.

Duane Buckingham, president and CEO of INNCOM, said, “We strongly believe that INNweb has the potential to revolutionize the way in which services are delivered to guestrooms. Essentially, we create a high-speed pipeline to guestrooms that can be cost justified by energy savings and multiple operating benefits. This in turn provides a powerful broadband highway on which high-speed Internet traffic or any other Ethernet-compatible service can simultaneously be deployed. The cost savings in this shared environment can be significant.”

Ludwig Scherdel, senior director of engineering for Atlanta-based Six Continents Hotels, said the brand chose INNweb for several of its new build properties because of its electrical-demand control and high-speed Internet access applications.

“We are very pleased with the performance of INNCOM`s technology,” Scherdel said. “The quality and user-friendliness of INNweb made it the system for our new build hotels. We believe it will have a significant impact on the services we can provide to our guests.”


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