Sabre Installs Quasar eMergo System at Great Plains Airlines.

has installed the Quasar passenger revenue accounting system at Great Plains Airlines.

Great Plains Airlines, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, became the first airline to utilize the Quasar passenger revenue accounting system in the eMergo environment.

The term “eMergo” refers to Sabre software products offered to customers on an application service provider (ASP) basis. The Quasar eMergo implementation at Great Plains Airlines supports a growing trend among airlines toward purchasing software on an ASP basis as opposed to on-site installations. By purchasing software delivered via an ASP, airlines can minimize up-front capital and labor expenses, decrease the required installation time, and accelerate the return on investment for the software products they purchase.

The Quasar system is a passenger revenue accounting solution designed to process airline ticket transactions for accurate and timely recognition of earned revenue. The system allows airlines to reduce cost, increase revenue and analyze detailed marketing data to enhance their competitive position.



The Quasar system is available to airlines worldwide on an ASP or local install basis.