A New Campaign to Help Tourists Combat Climate Change

Future Forests and responsibletravel.com have launched a campaign that enables tourists to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from their flights, making their journeys Carbon Neutral and helping to combat climate change.

Every flight we take, whether on business or a family holiday, produces carbon dioxide (CO2) - the most significant contributor to global warming. With the expected announcement of 3 new runways in the South East, air travel in the UK is expected to double in the next 30 years.

Carbon Neutral flying, developed by environmental company Future Forests, allows flyers booking through the responsibletravel.com website to calculate their carbon dioxide emissions and then balance them out through investing in either forestry or low carbon, sustainable projects.

Justin Francis, co-founder of responsibletravel.com said:
‘As tourists are flying to destinations the very act of their travel is destroying some of the special places that they come to see in the first place. The impact of global warming will be felt everywhere, but low-lying Islands and coral reefs popular with tourists are already at risk’.

This Future Forests campaign can also easily be integrated into any company’s Intranet, encouraging employees to make their summer holiday Carbon Neutral. Dan Morrell, co-founder of Future Forests comments:


‘37 million people will be flying this year and with air traffic constantly increasing people must take account for their own emissions. Until such a time as the government introduces a polluter pays principle it is down to travellers to take action and offset the impact of their travels.’