Sabre Launches Packaging Tool for Travel Agencies.

has announced the U.S. launch of Sabre Trip Shopping, a new dynamic packaging tool that enables travel agents to quickly and accurately build entire trips - including air, car and hotel components - through the Sabre GDS.
Reinforcing Sabre`s recently announced Empowering Agenda for travel agents, Trip Shopping is another way to enable agents to better compete in today`s pay-for-performance environment. By helping agents dynamically build a total trip with multiple components for their customers, Trip Shopping enables them to enhance customer service while increasing productivity and revenue.

Trip Shopping uses real-time availability, content and pricing to generate up to 30 trips on every search, searching negotiated fare content, published fares and rates, and inventory as appropriate from the recently launched Sabre Exclusives preferred hotel program. Individual trip components are bundled together based on specific traveler needs and preferences, and each trip is completely flexible and customizable.

The Trip Shopping program enables agents to offer their customers a broad choice of travel arrangements ranging across three tiers: “My Ideal Trips,” which provides selections most closely matching traveler preferences; “Upgrade Your Trip,” which informs agents of valuable upsell opportunities that go beyond customer preferences; and “Lowest Priced Trips,” which identifies money-saving options for travelers. Trip Shopping is available through the Sabre eVoya Webtop. Agencies with an online storefront can also integrate Trip Shopping into their Web site, giving their customers easy access to instant trip building and providing an additional source of agency revenue. Trip Shopping complements Sabre`s industry leading, high commission packaged vacation content available via Sabre Tours.

“With Trip Shopping agents can quickly shop for various air, car and hotel options, providing travelers with a complete trip, including pricing and availability within moments,” said Ellen Keszler, senior vice president of North America Travel Agency Solutions for Sabre. “Agents maximize time, efficiency and revenue, while travelers benefit from the convenience and customization. It`s a win-win for everyone.”



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