Amadeus Launches Complete Access Plus

Amadeus has launched its enhanced Complete Access
Plus solution for travel agents to search for and fully price cars, directly
from the provider`s database, before booking.
This gives travel agents and
their customers, greater transparency throughout the booking process on
availability and importantly, on the full cost, including taxes and
additional charges.

With Complete Access Plus, following a request for car hire, travel agents
can confidently pass on to their clients:

* A product offering returned directly from the car rental
company`s reservation system, which ensures accurate and consistent

* Rates which already include all the applicable taxes and
additional charges, unlike today when clients need to wait until a car has
been booked to obtain the full rental rate or have to calculate separately
the supplementary charges and relevant taxes before booking.

To facilitate the reservation process further, Amadeus
has also introduced a
new two-tiered shopping display with the car rental companies that return an
estimated total price on the top part of the availability screens and those
that do not, on a secondary level.


Complete Access Plus therefore offers a new business opportunity for leisure
travel agents, who are now able to offer their clients even better service.

Amadeus?L enhanced Complete Access Plus was available for the first time on
25 June, 2002 with Avis, one of the world`s leading car rental suppliers, as
launch partner. For the first time through a global distribution system
(GDS), Avis can return a full estimated price to users worldwide for car
rentals from its 4000 locations. Bookings made through Avis correspond to
one out of every four cars booked on the Amadeus global system.

“On top of all the benefits of working in a seamless environment, the new
Amadeus Complete Access Plus gives clearer pricing information, which allows
travel agents to advise their customers better about the cost of rental and
ensures customer satisfaction,” said Catherine Rawson, Director of
e-Commerce, Avis.  “The ability to provide full estimated prices to Amadeus`
vast distribution network certainly gives us a competitive advantage.”

Adoption by other car providers of the new Complete Access Plus will follow
in due course.

“Complete Access Plus is built to further automate the car rental
reservation process and to facilitate the booking process,” said Mark

, Director of Marketing for Amadeus UK. “Travel agents in both offline
and online environments can now confidently secure and present to their
customers the best rates that they are entitled to.”

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