Countdown Card Tie`s-up With Linbert

Linbert Travel Exchange, the BBC enabler (Business to Business to Consumer) for land-based hotel and travel products, is rolling out together with Countdown Card to access its card member base to offer it value-added services and instant bookings and confirmations for its leisure travel requirements.

Linbert Travel Exchange will collaborate with Countdown Card, through a strategic relationship with MBF Discount Card Pte Ltd for the Asia Pacific region.  MBF Discount Card Pte Ltd has entered into a strategic agreement with Linbert with the intention to grow this relationship into a worldwide relationship and distribution partnership. The relationship has now seen Singapore a 120,000 base, introduced to online bookings, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong all due to go live soon and then to eventually reach out to its European base which will bring a consumer base of 14 million members into access of this value-added service. This is expected to double turnover for both organizations when total rollout is completed and full promotion to its card members are done.

This Travel Network booking services through Linbert?fs BBC Internet Platform is the perfect compliment to the services, and variety of discounts that Discount Card already offers to its member base. Travel is the largest consumer-orientated product purchased worldwide and is fast becoming a choice to do so online. Linbert?fs B2B2C Internet Platform will provide the Countdown Card member a convenient and effective tool to search, select, book and receive confirmation on reservation in real-time with ability to issue vouchers from their own offices or even homes.

Dr. Leslie Choudhury, CEO of Linbert Travel Exchange said, ?gThe co-operation with Countdown Card brings much synergies to both companies.  We will be able to tap on their network of card members and co-brand partners, while they are able to have a platform and product to expand their revenues to new heights and increase its distribution identically worldwide.  This is a win-win partnership.?h

Linbert does not access consumers on a direct basis but always through strategic business partners and on a private-label basis. Mr. Mark Tan, Director for MBF Discount Card Pte Ltd in Singapore said ?gLinbert?fs partnership with us is a fantastic relevant addition to our business of offering discounts.  The ability for us to roll this product out in any country in any language and currency is there. The time taken to go operational ?cis so fast, we are excited and committed to growing this relationship worldwide.?h


Linbert Travel Exchange Pte Ltd is Asia?fs leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) travel solutions in the global travel industry. SPY Travel Network acts as a e-wholesaler enabler providing land-based travel products ranging from hotels, sightseeing and package tour to a network of more than 2,500 travel agencies in 33 countries worldwide through its B2B and Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (BBC) Internet platform.

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