TeleAdapt clips onto mobile security

, a leading supplier of complete
communications solutions for mobile computer users, is today pleased to announce the
launch of its Quick ClipT range of luxury secure mobile phone and PDA cases.

The Quick Clip range features a unique patented clip system enabling users
to securely anchor mobile phones, PDAs, and Game Boys to belts, pockets,
dashboards, and even mountain bikes!

As PDAs and mobile phones become increasingly powerful, the data stored on them becomes greater and more important. A survey carried out last year by the UK`s `The Taxi` newspaper found that an amazing 1,300 PDAs and over 62,000 mobile phones were left in London`s licensed taxicabs in a
six-month study period. Although many of these were eventually returned to their owners a large percentage were never recovered and possibly stolen. The Quick Clip range has an answer to this growing problem in the form of a standardised modular system allowing mobile computing and entertainment devices to stay exactly where the user wants them.

“The beauty of these cases and the Quick Clip system is that they not only
protect mobile phones and PDAs from theft but also from costly knocks and
damage,” says Mark Zvorc, Product Manager, TeleAdapt. “The range is ideal
for business people who find themselves bringing their mobile office with
them when on site visits or business trips.”

The Quick Clip system can attach to most devices by simply applying the
super-strength adhesive included. TeleAdapt are also offering a range of
premium quality leather cases, that include the Carry Clip System pack and
come with the Multidapt® connector sewn discreetly into the back ready for


The Quick Clip case range has recently won the European Pocket PC Award
2002 for the best product in the PDA category and includes protective cases as well as carry cases for mobile phones, PDAs and even the Game Boy advance,
with more products to be added throughout the year.

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