Telewest Offers Online Travel Insurance With Voyager

Telewest Business
, the leading supplier of broadband communications to
the travel industry, is enabling agents to book Voyager`s comprehensive
travel insurance on-line through Endeavour Search; Telewest`s browser
based holiday search facility.

This latest addition to Endeavour Search allows an agent to offer travel
insurance at a click of a button, either as part of the holiday package
or as a standalone product. The booking procedure is simple to use and
convenient for both the travel agent and the customer as the policy can
be issued almost immediately on confirmation of the booking.

The service will save agents time as it removes the existing
administrative requirements of selling travel insurance.  When making a
booking, the agent will be prompted to indicate whether insurance is
required. When the booking has been made the travel and destination
details will be automatically transferred to the on-line insurance form.
A quote is then provided and the policy can be printed directly from the
agent`s desk.  For customers only requiring insurance the customer`s
travel dates and destination are input manually and the system provides
a quote in the same manner.

Aubrey Abbott, director, Voyager comments, “This development is great
news for agents as it takes the effort out of selling travel insurance.
It is easy to use and because they are selling on-line there is no extra
administration required. The system prompts agents to explain policy
exclusions to their clients and ask if they have any pre-existing
medical conditions. Their responses are then recorded which has the dual
benefit of ensuring that agents comply with insurance selling codes of
conduct and preventing clients later claiming that they were not made
aware of the medical restrictions.”

Keith Webber, Head of Travel, Telewest Business adds, “We`re delighted
that we can offer agents another tool to improve customer service and
also cut down on the hassle and effort of selling travel insurance as
well as the dreaded admin. This is the next progressive step for
Endeavour Search in a long line of more added value services in the near
future. As always we have travel agents` productivity at the forefront
of our technological developments and I don`t believe they`ll be
disappointed with this new addition to the product.”


Although agents using the Telewest Travel Platform do not have to sell
Voyager`s insurance, both Telewest and Voyager expect the competitive
premium and ease of use to encourage high take-up.

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