Sabre Announces Java Edition of Qik

Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) has announced the latest release of its Sabre(R) Qik(TM) product line - the Qik business processing solutions Java edition.

The Qik solutions are widely considered the industry standard for graphical user interfaces and developer tools and is used by over 300 airlines, travel agencies, tour companies, and Web companies around the world.

This latest release includes a completely re-written developer tool that enables travel and transportation companies to more cost-effectively integrate data and systems, while providing information to travelers, all via an open technical platform and an advanced tool-set.
The Qik business processing solutions powerful toolkit allows travel companies to tailor their Qik solutions to their unique business environment. Additionally, the new edition supports two scripting languages, a fully graphical screen painter, support for more advanced graphical elements, support for a variety of graphics formats, and creation of modal and non-modal windows. The result is a much more flexible and powerful tool that allows developers to create graphically rich applications more quickly than ever before.

The Java edition of Qik addresses customer requests for access to more diverse content and information that travelers can use to make informed travel decisions. “Although some travelers have adopted the Internet for travel shopping, the majority of travelers seek the same rich information via their reservations agent,” said Chris Serafin, vice president of Airline Solutions.

“Additionally, airlines want to arm their agents with invaluable data emerging from their CRM activities. The Java edition of the Qik tool puts that capability firmly in their hands by placing customer data at the agents` fingertips via the same interface they use to help the traveler optimize their travel plans,” Serafin explained.


The Java edition of the Qik tool retains all the benefits of its previous editions, including ease-of-use, increased productivity, reduced costs and increased revenues. Qik customers will also be able to integrate the Qik solution with the underlying technologies that are used across an ever-widening span of customer touch-points, including the Internet, wireless devices, reservations, etc.


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