Rosenbluth Applauds Scandinavian Airline System`s Incorporation of Transaction Fees For Ticket Distr

Rosenbluth International have strongly endorsed SAS` decision to equalize its ticket distribution pricing structure by eliminating agency commissions and implementing transaction fees for tickets it directly distributes.

“We wholeheartedly congratulate SAS on its bold decision and firmly hope that this `first step` toward evening the playing field in airline ticket distribution presages a `giant leap` for the rest of the airline industry,” said Alex Wasilov, Rosenbluth International
President and Chief Operating Officer.  “After calling for precisely this kind of policy change last October, we`re extremely pleased to see it being implemented and look forward to following its impact.”

In a white paper by Wasilov, issued in October 2001, the company had outlined its support for airline transaction fees to alleviate pricing confusion and contribute to increased efficiency and clarity in the travel industry.  (To read this white paper, please visit: )

“While SAS` policy applies only to the Scandinavian market at this point, we at Rosenbluth International encourage the rest of the airline industry to follow suit, particularly in the North American market,” Wasilov added.  “The elimination of standard commissions and introduction of transaction fees will go a long way toward eliminating pricing confusion in the industry.  Clarity strengthens all of the key players in the travel industry, from airlines to travel agencies, and in the end benefits the most important group of all: travel purchasers.”

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