Worldspan Trip Manager(R) to Offer Web Fares

, the leader in global
reservation systems and e-commerce for the travel industry, today announced it
will launch a powerful new version of Worldspan Trip Manager enhanced with
exclusive Web Airfare search technology. 
Early in the third quarter of this
year, the new functionality will enable Trip Manager users to compare special
low fares offered only through airline Web sites with published and negotiated
fares to find and book the best travel value.
With instant access to Web-only fares directly through Trip Manager,
business travelers will enjoy a more complete selection of fare options,
including some of the lowest fares available anywhere.  In addition, by
allowing travelers to compare Internet fares with negotiated fares, Web
Airfare-enhanced Trip Manager will encourage wider and more consistent usage,
offering Trip Manager corporate customers better control of the booking
process and an opportunity for even greater savings.
“The added power of Web Airfare, the most robust Internet fare search and
comparison tool available, will keep Trip Manager well out in front of the
competition in corporate travel management technology,” commented Mike Parks
senior vice president and general manager - Worldwide Travel Distribution for
Worldspan.  “With this innovative new enhancement, corporate travelers will be
able to book with complete confidence, knowing they found the best fare,
without having to spend extra time searching the Internet.  For businesses
employing Trip Manager, the results will be lower travel costs and a stronger
travel management system.”
Corporate travel managers will be able to turn the new Internet fares
feature in Trip Manager on or off at the traveler level, giving travel
managers control in specifying which traveler profile may take advantage of
this functionality.  Beyond this initial enhancement, Worldspan will
continuously strengthen the Web Airfare functionality in Trip Manager,
eventually integrating Web-only and other fares into a single screen and
enabling users to book Internet fares directly from Trip Manager
“Worldspan is committed to continuous innovation through ongoing product
updates - even on a monthly basis - based on the changing needs of our
customers,” noted Parks.  “We are further committed to bringing the power of
our industry-leading fares and pricing technology-such as Worldspan Web
Airfare and Worldspan e-Pricing(SM) - to the corporate travel marketplace.”
Today, more than 1,100 businesses have chosen Worldspan Trip Manager(R) as
their online travel management solution.  Using Trip Manager`s graphical user
interface, travelers can quickly create a complete trip itinerary.  The system
offers real-time booking capability for air, car and hotel, plus easy-to-use
features such as change and cancellation options, live seat maps, and
integrated fare and availability displays.
In addition, by allowing companies to maximize compliance with corporate
travel policy and strengthen preferred supplier relationships, Trip Manager
can significantly reduce corporate travel costs.  On average, Trip Manager can
save corporations 20 percent or more on their total travel management costs.
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