Rosenbluth International Brings `Simplicity` to Travel Management

Rosenbluth International
, one of the world`s leading business-to-business travel management companies, today announced the implementation of a new approach - “Simplicity.”
It involves the rollout of two newly conceptualized product offerings, as well as a redesigned website and updated corporate collateral, intended to support the company`s emphasis on simplified offerings and services.

The concepts include e-PAC, a comprehensive travel management service and technology solution for small- and mid-market companies that spend $2-10 million annually in air travel, and Rosenbluth Performance Manager (RPM), an integrated, customizable system designed to maximize corporate travel program performance.

“We`re passionately committed to serving our customers to the best of our ability and, to that end, we`re constantly searching for ways to improve our products and services,” Rosenbluth International President and Chief Operating Officer Alex Wasilov said. “By simplifying our offerings, we believe we can substantially improve and better articulate our value to our clients. Therefore, we`ve merged some of our best products into comprehensive packaged solutions, redesigned the company website, and upgraded our corporate collateral to convey the spirit of innovation, understanding and long-range vision that is a hallmark of our company.”
PAC is a comprehensive travel management service and technology solution for small- and mid-market companies. It is designed to provide clients with a seamless combination of Rosenbluth`s industry-leading fulfillment solutions, renowned account management, and state of the art technologies.
Rosenbluth`s Performance Manager (RPM) divides the corporate travel program into three basic categories and allows for the implementation of a range of integrated services and solutions designed to maximize corporate travel program performance. Rosenbluth products such as iVISION and Rosenbluth Everywhere can be selected by clients and incorporated into the custom-made RPM package.

“Both RPM and e-PAC make our clients` lives easier by bringing greater simplicity and convenience to the travel management process,” Wasilov said. “Because all Rosenbluth technology is compatible and can `converse` seamlessly, we can help our clients concentrate on what`s most important: an excellent travel management program and a healthy bottom line.”

Additionally, Rosenbluth International has revamped its website (
). Incorporating the colors and images of its new corporate collateral (which contains every facet of marketing, from press kits to billboards to e-mails), the redesigned, easy-to-navigate website gives users a comprehensive look at the company and the services it provides, as well as its core competencies.


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