Priceline Receives Dual Awards for `Name Your Own Price Service`

Just in time for summer vacation season, (Nasdaq: PCLN), the Name Your Own Price Internet service, has been recognized for its deep travel savings by Yahoo! Internet Life and Forbes.

Yahoo! Internet Life is the world`s largest consumer lifestyle magazine devoted to the content, culture and community of the Internet. In its June 2002 issue, Yahoo! Internet Life`s Web Lab selected its annual “Gold Star Sites” and chose
as its Best Bargain Booker. “In the end,” the reviewers wrote, “travel sites that gave customers the greatest service, the utmost flexibility and the deepest savings came out on top, both in the market and in our investigation.”

In their report card, the reviewers wrote that “Priceline consistently offered lower ticket prices than its rivals.” The reviewers also said about`s customer service operations, “While you may never need to call Priceline`s customer assistance line, you`re likely to experience satisfaction if you do.” This is`s second award from Yahoo! Internet Life. In January, the magazine recognized for having the best travel deals on the Web for 2002.

In its Summer 2002 issue on newsstands this week, Forbes Magazine published its Best Of The Web list and included as one of its picks. “Best of the Web helps consumers sift through the endless stream of information on the Internet by reviewing thousands of Web sites and picking those that are the most useful, including book clubs, stock picking, mortgages, second careers, volunteering, cultural tours, adventure travel, home decorating and fine art,” said Forbes. Commenting on, the reviewer said that “priceline is still great for cheap airline seats (30 airlines), hotel rooms (more than 8,000 properties) and car rental agencies (5).”

Regarding these latest awards, Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller
said, “We appreciate the recognition from such respected national publications as Yahoo! Internet Life and Forbes. Their conclusion echoes other `taste tests` conducted this year by Conde Nast Traveler, USA Today and The New York Times. If you`re looking for the best travel deals on the Internet, is where you should come.”


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