Galileo LeisureShopper Summer Rewards 2002 Promotion

Galileo International
, announced
that this summer travel agents can earn their summer rewards!
LeisureShopper(R) Summer Rewards 2002 promotion, available to travel agents
who book tours and cruises through LeisureShopper or Galileo(R) e-Cruise on
the Apollo(R) computer reservation system (CRS), runs from July 1 through Aug.
31 and gives participating travel agents in the U.S. the ability to win up to
30 tour and/or cruise packages throughout the world and other attractive
To qualify to win a particular cruise or tour package, a travel agent must
complete five deposited or paid-in-full bookings through LeisureShopper or
Galileo e-Cruise during the promotional period for the sponsoring supplier of
that prize package.  Every additional five bookings for that particular
supplier earn the agent another qualifying entry for that random drawing.
There is no limit to the number of entries or packages an agent can qualify
for.  Some of the prize packages include an eleven-night Panama Canal cruise,
Caribbean/Mexico/Transatlantic cruises, trips to Hawaii, Cancun, Las Vegas,
Florida and to popular theme parks.
“Our LeisureShopper Summer Rewards promotion is an excellent time to
highlight the many benefits of LeisureShopper and Galileo e-Cruise, and reward
travel agents for the value they bring to this dynamic sector of the
marketplace,” said Robert Coverick, vice president, Account Development.  “Not
only does the LeisureShopper Summer Rewards promotion provide an opportunity
to increase sales of commissionable inventory, and productivity within an
agency, but it also offers the chance to win free travel.”
LeisureShopper provides direct connections to 36 tour distributors and
nine cruise travel companies around the world through a single application.
LeisureShopper`s real-time connections provide information (inventory,
availability, and descriptions) from the travel supplier`s own in-house system
and allows instant pricing and confirmation of a vacation booking.
LeisureShopper leads the travel agent through the entire booking process and
the information is presented in a consistent format to the travel agent,
regardless of which travel supplier is chosen.
Galileo e-Cruise is a B2B Internet cruise shopping and booking graphical
user interface tool.  With Galileo e-Cruise, travel agents can compete more
effectively in one of the fastest growing leisure travel markets.  The
Internet tool provides many value-added benefits that are designed to help
agents increase sales and promote specials and packages associated with a
particular cruise line or cruise event, along with saving them time and
training costs.

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