Sabre Introduces Interline E-Ticketing Hub

Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline operations
technology, announced today the launch of the interline e-ticketing hub
capability within SabreSonic Ticket, an industry-first solution that
provides airline carriers a single connection point to all Interline
partners, significantly reducing development and distribution costs and
enhancing an airline`s a ability to be more customer centric. The
interline e-ticketing hub offering is part of Sabre Airline Solutions`
recently announced new generation passenger management suite, SabreSonic.
Interline e-ticketing (IET) is becoming a necessity among airline carriers
trying to reduce costly paper-filled processes. It is also made necessary
as they continue to extend codeshare partnerships resulting in travel
arrangements that increasingly involve multiple airlines. Interline
agreements among airlines allow passengers the ability to use one e-ticket
when their itinerary includes travel on two or more carriers. These
agreements also help to facilitate the transfer of flight coupons to
alternative flights on other airlines in the case of abnormal flight
operations resulting from disruptions.

Until now, each airline`s Interline e-ticketing link was unique and
customized to each partner airline. This meant that a single airline could
have many individual agreements, making the development and implementation
of these bi-lateral connections both costly and time-consuming. The new e-
ticketing hub capability in SabreSonic Ticket virtually eliminates the
necessity for bi-lateral carrier links. Once a carrier is connected to the
hub, access is available to all other linked carriers, including those on
other reservations systems.
The SabreSonic Ticket capability addresses the trend for carriers to use
e-ticketing as both a cost advantage and an additional customer-centric
offering. With SabreSonic Ticket, airlines are able to reduce interline
distribution costs, and meet mandatory implementation times driven by
major US carriers.

“The release of the SabreSonic Ticket continues to solidify Sabre Airline
Solutions as the airline industry`s leader in high performing passenger
management solutions,” said Gianni Marostica, president of Airline
Passenger Solutions at Sabre Airline Solutions. “Sabre Airline Solutions
is leading the market in electronic connectivity solutions because of our
breadth of experience in IET, our technology acumen and our ability to
deliver solid, reliable solutions to market in the timeliness that this
fast-paced industry demands. Our recent offering of the SabreSonic suite
of passenger management solutions, which is based on an open systems
platform and makes the IET Hub possible, is truly a step ahead of the pace
of the industry.”

The IET Hub supports all airline carrier technology requirements and is
able to transfer electronic data from one carrier to another by
translating all forms of electronic data interchange (EDI) software. This
translation process eliminates extensive development that was once
required for carriers to establish the interline connection between
individual airlines.

In addition, a vast array of diagnostic tools give carriers the ability to
more closely monitor Interline traffic. These tools enable carriers to set
notification thresholds through a graphical user interface. For example,
if a link goes down and error messages are generated, an e-mail
notification is sent notifying the carrier of the situation.


Sabre Airline Solutions, a Sabre Holdings company, is the world`s largest
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revenues and improve operations. Over 100 airlines worldwide rely on Sabre
Airline Solutions for passenger management solutions, with 15 new carriers
added and nine carriers renewals for SabreSonic Res advanced reservations
and departure control systems in 2003. In addition, more than 100 clients
worldwide have turned to Sabre Airline Solutions consulting group for
strategic, commercial and operational consulting. More than 500 contracts
worldwide were signed in 2003 within Sabre Airline Solutions.

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