The Long and Short of It

On February 3 at 8:00 p.m. (PST) Singapore Airlines` new A345 LeaderShip
aircraft will lift off from Los Angeles on the world`s longest scheduled
non-stop flight. Traveling 7,937 nautical miles over the Pacific, the 18.5
hour flight carries 181 passengers and links two of the world`s great
cities: Los Angeles and Singapore. Travelers can dine on Lobster
Thermidor, grab a snack in the world`s first Economy Class lounge on a
plane, or choose from more than 29 movies and 122 music CDs.

But the wonder of the world`s longest flight also begs the question:
what`s the world`s shortest regularly scheduled flight?

The answer: a route between the Scottish Islands of Westray and Papa
Westray with a scheduled flight time of two (as in 2) minutes.* However,
it was once flown in 58 seconds (it`s amazing what a strong tail wind can
do to get you to your destination ahead of time). The flights are operated
by Loganair for British Airways and utilize a Pilatus Islander prop plane.
It is not believed there is any beverage service, since even water takes
three minutes to boil.

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