SkyTeam Welcome Aeroflot Bid

During their quarterly meeting today, the SkyTeam Steering Committee
confirmed their decision to welcome Aeroflot`s bid for membership in the
alliance. SkyTeam constantly considers prospective members that can offer
customers greater convenience and extend the alliance`s global network.
With 108 destinations in 54 countries, Aeroflot`s addition to the alliance
would only enhance the opportunity for SkyTeam passengers to access new
destinations in Eastern Europe and beyond.

Aeroflot`s entrance into the alliance is contingent upon approval from the
Russian government and the fulfillment of quality standards required by
SkyTeam for all members.

“Given Aeroflot`s extensive hub network and existing bilateral
relationships with two SkyTeam members, the carrier is a natural candidate
for membership in SkyTeam, which has the leading hub network of any global
airline alliance,” said Dominique Patry, VP Alliances & International
Affairs at Air France. “We look forward to further discussions once we
receive the airline`s formal decision.”

SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering Aeromexico, Air France,
Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air. Through one
of the world`s most extensive hub networks, SkyTeam offers its 212 million
annual passengers a worldwide system of more than 7,600 daily flights
covering all major destinations. In 2002, Global Finance magazine named
SkyTeam the best airline in their list of the “Best Global Companies.”
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