Sabre Airline Solutions Launches SabreSonic

Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline operations
technology, announced today its new generation airline passenger solutions
suite comprised of easy- to-use modules to help airlines increase customer
loyalty and reduce operational costs.

SabreSonic is the first passenger management solution built on open
systems architecture for critical airline operations such as pricing and
shopping for airline travel, ticketing and day-of-travel operations. This
open systems underpinning provides airlines with unlimited flexibility to
implement individual or integrated solutions across the entire scope of
passenger solutions, as well as flexibility within the individual modules
for more robust functionality. SabreSonic allows airlines to more quickly
adapt to evolving or new business models compared to any offering in the
market. It also delivers an enhanced customer-centric approach that
provides more options for travelers and the assurance of best value. An
example of the benefits provided by the new SabreSonic solution is the new
open systems ticketing platform that offers the ability for an airline to
establish a link to SabreSonic`s universal electronic ticket hub for a
cost-effective, efficient connectivity between the carrier and its
ticketing partner airlines. This leads to cost-savings and improved
customer service for the carrier.

“SabreSonic is the high performing passenger solution that provides
carrier specific flexibility,” said Gianni Marostica, president of Airline
Passenger Solutions at Sabre Airline Solutions. “In today`s market and
projecting into the future, carriers will increasingly require flexibility
from their systems solutions. As their business model evolves, airlines
need to keep the longer view in mind with systems that can offer maximum
scope and scale to accommodate future growth and model changes. Our open
systems approach provides this flexibility to airlines across the travel
value chain from shopping to fulfillment.”

SabreSonic also meets the right cost equation for airlines in today`s
environment. “By making the decision to leverage the open systems
approach, we are able to provide a new generation solution at a price
point that airlines can afford as they are reining in all costs, Marostica
said. “We provide the technology at the right price point, and once in
place, the new technology is further leveraged to help airlines reduce
their costs—our experience has shown that airlines that have used our
passenger management solutions achieve up to 40 percent in cost savings.”

The SabreSonic suite comprises four core modules designed for all carriers
regardless of whether they currently operate an in-house or third-party
system. Beyond the core offering, airlines that choose Sabre Airline
Solutions for their passenger management functionality have access to four
additional modules outlined below. While carriers may decide to take
advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of the Sabre Airline
Solution`s fully integrated solution, they may also choose to obtain only
some of the modules on a component basis. This offering is designed for
carriers that may be concerned about having to undergo the comprehensive
transformation that a switch to a new passenger solutions provider can
The four core components for carriers selecting Sabre Airline Solutions`
hosted passenger solutions suite include:


—SabreSonic Res - offering advanced reservations management capabilities
for airlines of all sizes around the world. This capability provides
carriers the ability to grow revenue efficiently and manage every channel
of distribution. The offering includes the industry`s leading online
booking engine, along with shopping, ticketing and codeshare capabilities
all managed from a single, easy- to-use graphical user interface (GUI).—
SabreSonic Check-In - enabling both efficient passenger processing and a
customer-centric focus both on and off airport. This suite helps airlines
streamline operations and enhance the customer travel experience.
Capabilities in this suite include check-in, re- accommodation and
automated fee collection capabilities, all managed from a single,
easy-to-use GUI.—SabreSonic Inventory - offering advanced inventory
management capabilities such as serial, virtual and continuous nesting to
enable the industry`s only origin-destination based inventory management
—SabreSonic Command - the only Web-based tool available in the industry
that offers flexible options for an airline to easily and quickly
configure and manage its passenger solution system from one central
location based on the carrier`s profile. Included in fully Available as
Stand integrated SabreSonic Alone Components Passenger Solution SabreSonic
Res X X SabreSonic Check-in X X SabreSonic Command X SabreSonic Inventory
X X SabreSonic Shop X X SabreSonic Ticket X X SabreSonic Web X X

For those airlines that prefer a gradual solution upgrade to their current
system, SabreSonic offers an array of new high-performance stand-alone
products and services made possible by the open systems underpinning
technology. Sabre Airline Solutions` replatforming of several major
infrastructure elements to this important new technology positions the
company to offer industry-leading capabilities also to airlines outside
its current family of hosted carriers on a modularized basis.

The newly launched SabreSonic passenger management solution offers
additional components for all carriers including the following:

—SabreSonic Shop - an addition to Sabre Airline Solutions` shopping and
pricing capabilities that now include all distribution channels. This
gives airlines the flexibility to offer their customers both fare-led and
itinerary-led shopping options, as well as the ability to price complex
itineraries involving multiple carriers and segments.—SabreSonic Ticket
- allows airlines access to industry-leading, state- of-the-art eTicketing
functionality that eliminates the need to build costly systems for
electronic ticket distribution and database maintenance. It also offers
the ability for the airline to establish a link to SabreSonic`s universal
electronic ticket hub that provides cost-effective, efficient connectivity
between a carrier and its ticketing partner airlines.—SabreSonic
Inventory - considered a breakthrough in revenue management control,
leverages open systems architecture to provide 24x7, real- time
transaction processing. The Unix-based system connects directly to a
carrier`s computer reservations system, replacing outdated leg-
and-segment inventory processing with full origin-destination control with
point-of-sale capability.—SabreSonic Web - A complete, fully hosted
online booking tool that enables the airline to most efficiently display
and sell—at anytime, from anywhere—the carrier`s products over the
Internet as well as those of selected travel partners such as other
airlines and car and hotel providers.
Additional components will be added to the modular offering throughout

Current customers have begun receiving some of the new functionalities via
the Sabre Airline Passenger Solutions` quarterly product release process.
These enhancements and system updates will continue throughout 2004 and
into 2005.

Two significant product enhancements have been rolled out as part of the
Sabre Airline Solutions 1st Quarter 2004 Airline Passenger Solutions
product release. These include the Customer Profile System and Agent Sales
Report offerings.

The new Customer Profile System is the industry`s first true customer
relationship management (CRM) application providing a real-time shared and
continuously updated view on all customer activity as passengers progress
through their journey—and can greatly enhance an airlines
customer-centric approach. The CRM application leverages and enhances the
entire SabreSonic portfolio.
One of the cornerstones of Sabre Airline Solutions` CRM offerings, the
Customer Profile System creates a single profile for use across the entire
airline`s organization, providing employees the flexibility to access
relevant customer information across all touch points, vastly improving
interaction with their customers before, during, and subsequent to the
journey. This data can also feed planning and analytical systems
throughout the organization.
The profile and updated information are available through a Web service,
permitting any application within the airline to access and use the
profile data. This eliminates the need for multiple profile databases
enabling easier integration among systems for consistent information at
all customer touch points. The information is integrated with frequent
flyer programs for hosted carriers. In addition, the type of information
that can be entered is now significantly expanded beyond passenger name
record formats and free text.
“Sabre Airline Solutions is investing heavily in new, open systems
infrastructure and associated technologies in order to make the new
Customer Profile System come to life,” Marostica said. “The industry`s
vendors have offered point solutions that represent only parts of a
comprehensive CRM solution. We believe we are the first to provide a
complete infrastructure for true CRM capability, which is key in airlines`
efforts to become more customer centric. This approach will quickly become
an avenue of true differentiation for our customer carriers, giving them a
strong competitive advantage in today`s and tomorrow`s marketplace.” 
Agent Sales Report is a new functionality within SabreSonic Ticket that
provides comprehensive reporting and reconciliation capabilities to
enhance revenue integrity at the airline. It provides the ability to track
agent ticketing activity, including overages and shortages, cash drawer
reconciliation and sales close out. With this tool, agents have the
flexibility to report sales directly from the Agent Sales Report, relaying
this information to revenue accounting and other third-party applications.
The new offering benefits airlines in a number of ways, including:
—Improving data storage and retrieval, storing all ticketed transactions
(both paper and electronic) in a relational database for several years,—
Reducing data processing costs,—Providing enhanced reporting and
simplified reconciliation,—Improving integration with third-party
software applications, and—Increasing flexibility to customize
Since 2002, over 30 carriers have chosen Sabre Airline Solutions to manage
their reservations, departure control and inventory functions. These
carriers have benefited from the highest system migration success rate in
the industry. More than 90 carriers worldwide utilize the integrated Sabre
Passenger Solutions System today.