Mesa Air Group Response to Ruling

Mesa Air Group, Inc. announced that it has been advised of Judge Collyer`s
ruling yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia
in favor of certain aspects of Atlantic Coast Airlines Holdings, Inc.`s
lawsuit against Mesa. Although the Court denied all of Atlantic Coast`s
claims with respect to Securities Act violations, Judge Collyer has
preliminarily enjoined Mesa from moving ahead with its consent
solicitation or exchange offer pending final resolution of Atlantic
Coast`s antitrust claims against Mesa.

Mesa does not believe Atlantic Coast`s antitrust claims have any basis in
fact and was surprised with the judge`s grant of temporary injunctive
relief when the judge herself admitted that “Atlantic Coast also has not
established a substantial likelihood of succeeding on its claim that
United is an undisclosed participant in Mesa`s solicitation.” The Company
was pleased, however, that the Judge denied all of Atlantic Coast`s claims
with respect to Securities Act violations, including, among other things,
the allegation that Mesa`s Consent Solicitation proxy contained false and
misleading information, Mesa not disclosing United as a participant,
numerous claims of conflict of interest between Mesa, it Board of
Directors and certain officers of Mesa, Mesa misled investors with regards
to its history of profitability and several Mesa insiders engaged in
insider trading.
The Company disagrees with the judge`s antitrust conclusions and will
consider all of its options with regard to whether or not to file an
appeal, the consent solicitation and its potential exchange offer. In
addition, as a result of yesterday`s ruling the Company may sell its
Atlantic Coast shareholdings.

About Mesa Air Group
The Company currently operates 152 aircraft with 975 daily system
departures to 153 cities, 40 states, the District of Columbia, Canada,
Mexico and the Bahamas. It operates in the West and Midwest as America
West Express; the Midwest and East as US Airways Express; in Denver as
Frontier Jet Express and United Express; in Kansas City with Midwest
Express and in New Mexico and Texas as Mesa Airlines. The Company, which
was founded in New Mexico in 1982, has approximately 4,000 employees. Mesa
is a member of the Regional Airline Association and Regional Aviation
Partners. News releases and other information about Mesa can be found at
the company`s web site at