Statement of US Airways Chairman

Dr. David G. Bronner, chairman of the board for US Airways Group, Inc. ,
today issued the following statement after the Air Line Pilots Association
(ALPA) called for the resignation of President and Chief Executive Officer
David N. Siegel and the senior management team:

“The US Airways Board of Directors has complete confidence in the
management team, and Dave Siegel in particular. It is regrettable that
ALPA would suggest that a change in management is the solution, when this
management team has done a remarkable job and earned the confidence of the
investment community for their leadership in tackling difficult issues.
The shareholders, management and employees of US Airways all want the same
thing: a successful airline. We are all frustrated with the reality of the
airline industry and the need for significant change by the legacy
carriers, but it is reality.
“ALPA`s action does nothing to address the bigger issue of how we complete
our restructuring and become a successful company, and ignores the fact
that shareholders rely on management and union leaders to work together to
solve problems, rather than looking for someone to blame. Personally, I
believe that US Airways has thousands of great employees who want to see
this airline succeed, and we are going to focus on them, and not the
unconstructive statements of those who fail to recognize that the world is
changing and that we must adapt.

“Over the last year, this team has successfully emerged from Chapter 11,
secured a federal loan guarantee to enhance the company`s liquidity,
implemented a business plan that has achieved the greatest revenue and
cost improvements in the industry, and financed a significant regional jet
order. To accomplish these goals, Dave Siegel and his team have had to
earn the confidence of investors, government agencies, and the banking and
financial community.

“The Board of Directors will continue to work with Dave Siegel and this
management team to revise the business plan, to maintain the confidence of
all stakeholders and ensure the company`s success and growth.”