Phuket Air Selects Sabre

Sabre Airline Solutions announced today that Phuket Air has signed an
agreement for a suite of advanced reservations and departure control
systems, which will allow the airline to improve distribution to travel
agencies, create greater efficiency in booking capabilities and lead
directly to increased revenue.

Phuket Air began operations in December 2001 with two aircraft servicing
Ranong and Phuket from Bangkok. Today the airline services six domestic
routes in Thailand as well as two regional international destinations.

Phuket Air awarded Sabre Airline Solutions the five-year contract
following a detailed review of several reservation hosting providers. The
implementation will include Sabre Passenger Reservation System, Sabre ACSI
international airport check-in system, Sabre AirOps Load Manager, weight
and balance system, and a suite of Sabre Qik products for the airline`s
Kanin Phuvastien, Senior Vice President of Phuket Airlines Co., Ltd., said
Sabre Airline Solutions would aid the continued expansion of the airline
through these advanced applications.

“Phuket Air has experienced exceptional growth in the first two years of
operations and we aim to improve our reservations efficiency and the level
of services offered to our customers with this implementation,” said
Phuvastien. “Sabre Airline Solutions is also allowing more extensive
distribution options by our participation in a number of global
distribution systems.”

Cameron Curtis, Asia Pacific vice president, for Sabre Airline Solutions,
said the contract with Phuket Air, coupled with other recent reservation
contract wins, demonstrates that Sabre Airline Solutions is able to
deliver high quality, cost-efficient reservations and departure control
solutions for airlines of various sizes throughout Asia Pacific.


“Phuket Air will benefit from access to the broad suite of functionality
utilized by more than 90 airlines globally to achieve goals such as
improved distribution and revenue growth,” said Curtis. “Throughout the
past 12 months, and particularly in Asia, Sabre Airline Solutions has
constantly shown the industry that we can work within tight deadlines
across different sized airlines, all of which are able to display a
positive return on their investment.”

Phuket Air is one of the new breeds of independent carriers that are
achieving success within the Asia Pacific region by offering a full
service product on domestic routes and international regional routes.

More than 90 airlines world-wide rely on Sabre Airline Solutions for
reservations and departure control systems, with Phuket Air joining a
number of Asia Pacific based airlines, including Bangkok Airways, Royal
Brunei Airlines, Jet Airways and regional Australian airlines Regional
Express (REX), Skywest and Alliance.

Sabre Airline Solutions is the Asia Pacific market leader in aviation
technology and has experienced rapid growth in the region. More than 65
contracts have been signed with Asia Pacific based carriers in 2003 across
a broad product portfolio, which includes flight planning and scheduling,
flight operations, crew management, cargo operations and revenue
management. Currently, Sabre Airline Solutions counts more then 30 Asia
Pacific airlines as customers including Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific,
China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Qantas, Thai Airways and
Singapore Airlines.

About Sabre Airline Solutions
Sabre Airline Solutions, a Sabre Holdings company, is the world`s largest
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and consulting services to help airlines simplify operations and lower
costs. Over 200 airlines worldwide use Sabre Airline Solution`s broad
portfolio of software solutions for decision-support tools to increase
revenues and improve operations. More than 90 airlines worldwide rely on
Sabre Airline Solutions for their reservation and departure control
systems, with 16 new carriers and eight renewals signing in 2002. In
addition, more than 100 clients worldwide have turned to Sabre Airline
Solutions consulting group for strategic, commercial and operational
consulting. More than 300 contracts were signed in 2002 within Sabre
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